Educational courses for the primary and preparatory stages

At AIC we provide educational courses for children aged 7-11 years to meet the child’s educational, psychological and educational needs. This stage is the stage that the child starts to deal with three environments in a balanced manner with:

– House

– School

– The surrounding community

Our mission at AIC is to:

To support the child for success and excellence at this stage of his life to graduate educated, educated and educated person, with the basic skills, ethics and good behaviors to deal with and develop his surrounding society through:

– Educational and cultural support.

– Evaluation of behavioral and moral.

– Teaching basic life skills.

Preparatory courses (adolescence) from the age of 12: 17 years:

Our mission at AIC is to:

  Supporting the student for educational and cultural excellence, keeping pace with scientific and technological progress, and improving his life skills.

– To provide the tools that help him to choose his educational and cultural orientations and to refine the talents of his talents.