Top 10 stories for children

Top 10 stories for children

Top 10 stories for children

Stories are an important way to develop intelligence and awareness for children, and to know the world around them.

Many children like to hear stories and stories before going to sleep. You should choose the right time to read the story and sleep before your child can rest and relax, narrate the story in a gentle way, embody the characters of the story and add influences to draw your child’s attention. Of your child’s age. To learn more about the right way for a child, you can read this article here

Pre-school children are suited to stories about comic and comedy stories of animals and children.

Children from 6 to 10 years old love stories of adventure, fantasy and interesting stories.

From 10 to 12 years old they love adventure stories, legends, realistic stories, science fiction, and the tales of a thousand nights.

The importance of stories in your child’s life:

  • Make your child speak well and identify the terms, names, and people he did not know before.
  • Help him strengthen and direct his feelings like laughter, sadness and joy.
  • Helps him to understand important terms and meanings in his life such as justice, honesty, lying, injustice and remorse.
  • Stories encourage them to love reading since they are young.
  • Build your child’s mind.
  • Reading works on the weaving and skill of imagination in children.
  • Reading can correct your child’s speech when reading.
  • It helps him develop his creative ability by sharing stories, novels, facial expressions and movement.
  • Train the child to dialogue and respect the opinion and opinion.
  • Verbal communication makes it out of isolation.


 10 important stories for your child:

  • The story of lion and mouse.
  • The story of Dhul-Qarnayn.
  • The story of the magic pot.
  • The Little Butterfly Story.
  • Cinderella story.
  • The story of the elephant owners.
  • The Story of Sinbad.
  • The story of wrinkles of time.
  • The story of Juha and the ass.
  • Alice ‘s Adventures in Wonderland.