How to read for your child in a good way

How to read for your child in a good way

How to read  for your child in a good way:

Children are the basis of life and society, they will develop the social fabric when they grow up, we must teach them properly and raise together, make your child a daily routine for reading, preferably pre-sleep, and in the middle of the day you can prepare him some colorful books and interesting stories that A child is fond of reading, for children (3-5) who are reading only because they cannot hold the pen for writing.

The process of education begins at the age of five, where the child learn the basics of reading and writing the correct and how to use the pen and identify the numbers and letters and how to write initial easy.

Methods of Teaching a Child Reading:

Fragmentation method: in which the mother writes a word and divide it into a few letters, such as the word (Mama), so write the word .m a m a.

Sound method: It is read newspapers, magazines and books with a high voice to draw the attention of how to read, and another way to write a word in a rather large font and paste a wall that the child can see and speak continuously in front of the child.

Linking method: linking the picture to the word, always use this method in schools because of the impact in your child because the child loves drawing and pictures, and when he sees another time will remember immediately, and the word is spoken with the child’s view of the image.

Game method: There are lots of games that will help you teach your child to read, such as color books and stereotypes, so bring them to your child.

How to teach a child Write:

Point method:

This method is to type the word or character for your child in the form of points and he connects the dots to each other to show the shape of the word or character.

Method of holding the hand of the child:

The child begins to teach a single character and the mother to hold the hand of the child and pass on a letter and repeat this process several times for each letter so that the child can write the letter alone.