Characteristics of the child bullying

Characteristics of the child bullying

Definition of bullying:

It is a type of aggressive behavior and a form of psychological violence and harm, where the child harms another child or group, verbal or physical abuse, and child bullying is stronger than others.

It is also one of the most common and prevalent diseases in the community at the time of the community and one of the most communities where the phenomenon of bullying in schools, for the children’s sense of vulnerability

Who is a bullying child?

Is a person who feels pain and discomfort inside, and has a sense of emotional deficiency or lack of external appearance and that it has no place among family members or friends or in the community and the surrounding environment, although it always shows the opposite of that feeling.

Causes of bullying

This is often because the child has a difficult family, social or physical conditions

Or as a result of being affected by violent films, or as a result of a lack of an external child

All of the above leads to the emergence of a child with an embarrassed personality disorder and a lack of self-esteem, and his addiction tan o aggressive behavior

Characteristics of the child bullying


Ridicule of others

Love Control

Imposing ownership over others


Types of bullying

Verbal bullying: It means verbal harassment by saying and using improper and degrading titles such as ridicule, threatening and minimizing it.

Physical bullying: physical assault, such as beating, molesting, or damaging a child

Social bullying: It is the destruction of the child’s social relationship with his friends, and the policy of intimidation, intimidation and mockery

Treatment of bullying

Raising children in appropriate health conditions and raising them to tolerance, love, respect and equality

Observing the children and their behavior from time to time

Provide games that strengthen intelligence and enhance self-confidence

Treatment the erroneous behaviors of children

Building social relationships and friendship between children and parents since childhood

Sublimation of the bully for psychological treatment

Cultivate values and virtuous religious ethics since childhood

Teaching children methods and methods of self – defense

To make clear to the child his rights and duties

Not to exercise any form of violence on the child.