How to develop a child’s mental skills

Our children are the richest of what we have, and investing in them today will be harvested tomorrow. Therefore, the need to pay attention to them and everything that develops their mental and physical abilities of the primary concerns of parents. In this article offered by the AIC Academy for the child we will show you how to develop the child’s mental skills. Before we begin to know how to develop the child’s mental skills, we need to know about what mental skills are and define them. Mental skills are defined as “the current ability of an individual to perform with or without training, that is, the ability of the current individual to perform work if external conditions are necessary.”

Or “a term called a set of performances, which are associated with high correlation between the poor were these performances in the field of study or work.”

How to develop a child’s mental skills

There are some habits that must be practiced with the child to work on the development of mental skills among those skills:

  • Organizing the child’s eating of his meals

Breakfast is one of the basic meals in the day of the individual and maintain them from the habits that provide the body with the energy that helps until the last day, so we must take into account the preservation of this meal on the day of the child, taking into account not to overuse of sugar, as this may lead to excessive absorption of absorption Proteins and other nutrients, causing a disruption in brain growth.

  • Remove a child from places with polluted atmosphere and places where smoking is frequent

The brain is the most organs or organs of human consumption of oxygen and inhalation of the child to polluted air affects the growth and effectiveness of brain performance. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it away from any contaminated air source, especially smoking.

  • Sleeping

The child should have sufficient sleep hours and avoid sleep, as sufficient sleep allows the brain to grow and regenerate continuously, taking into consideration that the child’s head is not covered or not worn on his head during sleep. This concentrates on carbon dioxide and decreases oxygen concentration. On the growth of the brain and its cells. The number of hours required is 8 to 10 hours per day.

  • activities to develop intelligence and mental abilities in children

The activities of these games include: stories, science fiction books, fantasy, drawing, decoration and composition, sports or physical education, reading, reading, writing, Hobbies and recreational activities, and memorizing the Koran.