How to enhance self-confidence in the child

How to enhance self-confidence in the child

The child does not acquire self-confidence by coincidence, but it is a matter that needs careful treatment from parents to crystallize in the future. The factor of trust is one of the most important gains that protect children from exploitation and help them to take care of their affairs and rely on themselves in sensitive circumstances and situations.

Signs that you know that your children lack confidence in themselves:

Complete negativity or escape away if a friend attacked him.

Resort to the blind tradition without the realization of thought, dissolves in the personality of others and becomes an accessory to it.

Hesitation and sense of difficulty in making the decision despite the existence of alternatives before it.

He often promises and often succeeds.

Shrouded in shame does not seek to take his right or defend himself by word or deed.

His preference for loneliness and isolation and his emotional, emotional, and unstable instability.

Some of them tell fictitious stories of works and heroines attributed to himself.

Your child needs some of these behaviors to enhance his self-confidence:

“I cannot! Try, I do not know! Learn, impossible! Try “with this simple vocabulary he can change and teach him.

Do not give in to encourage your child whenever he does a job, even if it is a little or simple.

Recognize your child with positive traits in his personality, and do not compare him to any member of the family who constantly criticizes him, especially in front of his peers and brothers.

Give him enough love, care, love, and communication.

Do not push your son to do more than his abilities and skills.

Train your child to form friendships, scientific and social art skills.

Encourage him to dialogue with parents and push him to dialogue with others and the opportunity to speak with the interest in his words and respect for his views.

Bring your son to a sports club; because sports strengthen self-confidence, develop will and science as the best method of self-defense

Work on the development of his talents and abilities; reading, writing, repairs, and installations.

Here are some of the activities necessary to enhance your child’s self-confidence:


Swimming is one of the most important activities that enhance the child’s self-confidence because it makes him experience a new world different from the land world.


The painting enhances the child’s self-confidence and opens up the horizons for innovation and creativity. It does not matter what the important child paints that he expresses himself as he wants.

Public Speaking

It is nice for a child to read aloud to the audience in order to gain great confidence in himself.

Quick tests

Putting the child under the pressure of the answer quickly, he gives him the speed of intuition and makes him deal with all the things of life that he encounters with precision and firmness and thus avoid him from losing in his choices, is, in this case, knows exactly what he wants.