Diet for children in early life

Diet for children in early life

Childhood is one of the most important stages in child nutrition because it affects the process of growth and training in children, and the child needs appropriate amounts of elements such as: proteins, calcium, salts and other important elements that contribute significantly to building the body properly free Of diseases to a certain extent, there are many nutritionists are working hard to make nutrition programs useful to the child and serves as a guide to the mother to help them choose the appropriate food for her child.

We also recommend the importance of the Pyramid system to provide meals to our children in order to take the body on a daily basis, all the necessary elements of the body’s appetite starches, which form this group base pyramid because of its importance, vegetables ranked second among groups, and share fruits with vegetables in this Group Milk, dairy, cheese, pulses, fats, oils, and sweets.

Diversification of food: Diversification of food should be preferred, preferably each meal of at least three groups. In each food group, there are foods that are preferred to be eaten in small amounts, such as butter. Food preference that contains a low proportion of fat and fat. Advise fiber-rich foods such as legumes and vegetables. Minimize the food that contains lots of sugar and salt.

A number of meals assessed for each milk and milk products age:

Milk and dairy products:

Two to three meals a child should eat at the age of nine.

Three to four meals should be taken from the age of nine to the age of 11.

Four meals should be taken from the age of 13 to the age of 18 years.

Meat and meat products:

Two meals a day.

Fruits and vegetables:

It is estimated at the rate of four meals a day, and the meal is one type of fruit by the amount of a grain, whether an apple or an orange or other, or a kind of vegetables, or half a cup of chopped vegetables. Bread and cereals: estimated at four meals a day, each meal includes a small loaf of bread.