The importance of sports for the child

Sports for the child are a great school of life, it proves to you that talent alone is not enough, but must work hard.

The following are the benefits of sports on the child and his physical, psychological and social health in some detail:

  • Make it follow a healthy lifestyle and help prevent many diseases, including heart disease and diabetes
  • Make him learn how to set his goal and initiate and commit and work with others.
  • Help reduce body weight, eliminate obesity, build the body and maintain healthy bones, joints, and muscles.

Continuing to exercise regularly protects the heart and lungs, strengthens the heart muscles, improves breathing, makes metabolism better, and destroys more harmful fats.

Make students learn better because they affect their mental abilities positively. Students who exercise are less exposed to unhealthy habits such as smoking and drug use and they continue to study and excel.

  • Make the child learn the system and believes that sharing with others is better. The child when not practicing sports is more selfish and aggressive and hates others, and this is contrary to the sports in which the child collaborates with others and communicates with them, which contributes to make him live in a community sound.
  • Increases IQ in a child and is smarter than other children who do not exercise.
  • Increases mental, physical and psychological balance in the child, especially yoga. If the child cannot stand on one foot, it helps him to balance physically and mentally to stand on his foot more easily.
  • It will make the child acquainted with others who have the same interests and will thereby be able to achieve emotional benefit and will also learn the value of honest competition and some lessons that he will be able to apply easily in different areas of his life.